Polemoniaceae Juss.
  • Gen. Pl. 136. 1789. (4 Aug 1789)

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General Information

Herbs annual or perennial, rarely subshrubs or vines. Leaves alternate or opposite, sessile to petiolate, simple, pinnatifid to palmately lobed, or compound. Inflorescences determinate, corymbose, paniculate, or capitate, or flowers solitary. Flowers (4- or)5-merous. Calyx gamosepalous, cylindric to campanulate; tube herbaceous throughout and papery in fruit or with herbaceous midveins separated by translucent membranes distended or ruptured in fruit; lobes often scarious margined. Corolla gamopetalous, actinomorphic or zygomorphic, rotate to funnelform or salverform; lobes overlapping in bud. Stamens inserted at same or different levels on corolla at base, alternate with corolla lobes, exserted to included; filaments equal to unequal, filiform. Ovary superior, (2- or)3-locular, placentation axile; ovules 1 to many per locule. Style 1; stigma lobes (2 or)3. Fruit a capsule. Seeds globose, ovoid, or fusiform, sometimes winged, often sticky when wet.

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