Scheuchzeriaceae F.Rudolphi
  • Syst. Orb. Veg. 28. 1830. (5-12 Jul 1830)
  • Scheuchzeria Family

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General Information

Plants perennial, of marshes, with creeping rhizomes. Stems erect, leafy, unbranched. Leaves alternate, linear, sheathing at base; sheaths open, with a prominent ligule at juncture of sheath and blade; sheath remains often persistent, intravaginal hairs numerous. Racemes terminal, few flowered. Flowers bisexual, 3-merous, bracteate. Pedicels elongating following fertilization. Perianth segments 6, in 2 series, sepaloid, free, persistent; stamens 6, free, with elongated filaments; anthers basifixed, linear, extrorse, opening by longitudinal slits. Pistils 3(-6), distinct to connate at base; stigmas sessile, papillose; ovules 2 or few in each carpel. Fruiting carpels follicular, inflated; follicles 1-4 per aggregate. Seeds 1 or 2(or 3), without endosperm; embryo straight.

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    Herbs, perennial, rhizomatous, caulescent; turions absent. Leaves alternate, emergent, sessile; sheath with remains often persisting, auriculate; blade linear, nearly cylindric, with conspicuous round pore adaxially on leaf tip; intravaginal squamules hairs, numerous. Inflorescences terminal, bracteate racemes, not subtended by spathe; pedicels following fertilization elongating, not spiraling. Flowers bisexual; subtending bracts present; perianth present; tepals 6; stamens 6, epitepalous; anthers basifixed, distinct, dehiscing longitudinally, extrorse; pollen globose; pistils 3(--6), distinct to slightly connate at base; ovules basal-marginal, anatropous. Fruits follicles. Seeds 1--2(--3).

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    Scheuchzeria Family

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